You know when you travel, and you have to adapt your usual workout regime because the hotel has the bare bones of a 'gym', including one of those weird machines no one has ever seen or used before in the corner, or worse yet, no gym at all! Well, fear not, because ours is fantastic, if we do say so ourselves! If you're cardio-focused, weight motivated, or even a HIIT lover, we have it all. Our zoned areas make it effortless to complete your fitness program. We've even got a dedicated stretching space. But that's not all. Swipe away and see what's next.

We know you fitness types. There's only one thing you love more than an actual workout. It's the data about your workout you can review later on! See, told you we know you! Well, have we got a treat for you. Our state-of-the-art 200sqm fitness studio is equipped with the latest, premium equipment, a refillable drinks station and high-tech add-ons that allow you to connect your Apple watch... just think of the post-gym data review!

Key Features

200 square meters
Zoned workout areas
Refillable drinks station
Premium equipment
Equipment connects to Apple watch
Digital Key entry

Other Areas To Discover

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