Kensington Suite

OK, fellow event planner, get ready to have all your pain, stress, and challenges eased away in a neat Hilton London Metropole package.

You know those event spaces, the ones that aren't quite big enough or have all those awkward pillars in the way? Forget them! Because Kensington Suite is one of London's largest event spaces and as memorable as the area it's named after.

London is renowned for boutique, cosy spaces (aka small) but not the Met, this is big... 1,350 guests in theatre style big. Told you so.

Let's talk logistics. While we love them, don't you sometimes feel like event spaces don't. They seem to have our guests walking around inconvenient corridors or rushing from the main session to a breakout on the other side of London.

Relax, the Met has a purpose-built, you heard, West Wing Lobby for your guests to use as their exclusive entrance, very fancy! From there, the logistics are easy. Up one flight of stairs is Richmond Suite; imagine Kensington Suite Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, or copy and paste depending on which tech generation you fall into... you get the picture, then two more flights up there's the beautiful Kensington Suite. Don't worry, there's a lift if cardio isn't your thing.

Sometimes, you or your clients create what feels like next to impossible things for your event. But, Kensington Suite is purpose-built.

There, we said it again. Enough to make you go weak at the knees, isn't it? There's nothing too over the top here, a dedicated goods lift large enough to load a car in, minus the engine because health and safety, of course. Think rigging points, 1,062 square metres of space, its own foyer, ability to split into two sections and its own kitchen... we haven't even covered the food yet!

They seriously know food here. With every event, the food leaves an impression one way or the other.

At the Met, you won't need to worry about which impression it will leave. It's always a good one. Gone are the days of dull sandwiches and endless amounts of brown food. They work with seasonal produce, individually portioned for maximising energy levels and have a range of menus and experienced chefs on hand to help create your perfect food experience.

Key Features

1,062 square metres
Dedicated lift service
Capacity for 1,350 guests
Own foyer space
Two partitions
Close proximity to Richmond Suite and West Wing Lobby