Mezzanine Meeting Rooms

At the core of every event is flexibility; the ability to create your event to suit yours, or your client's, requirements. That's why the Mezzanine Meeting Rooms tick all the boxes for those meetings where you just need more.

12 separate spaces that can be split into individual breakout rooms or combined to create larger meeting areas, all located on the same level. Keep some rooms as big as 140 guests and others as intimate as 20. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Ok, I'm about to talk about a touchy subject, so be warned. Tech, it's great, right, until it's not! In the middle of presenting, click to play the new snazzy corporate video and... no sound!

You're absolutely killing the pitch, and then you go to share a website you've been working on, and.... the spinning wheel of doom pops up! Don't even get me started on printers. They're all out to get us!

Anyway, relax, chill, don't stress, because we have packages for all Mezzanine Meeting Rooms that come with built-in enhanced AV equipment and high-speed Wi-Fi, so that your guests, and you, can enjoy your event! It’s almost like we’ve thought of everything.

Key Features

AV equipment
Flexible combination of rooms
12 meeting rooms all on one level
Largest capacity for up to 140 guests
Foyer area for coffee breaks and lunches
Close proximity to Admiral Suite